What are people saying about Vrindawood Studios? Check it out! 

“Great job guys! Let’s work together to bring a new style of Kirtan to the scene!” – Vijay Krishna (The Kirtaniyas)

“Devin, it was an honor to meet you, bless you and keep up the good work. Love in Action! – Tarana and Friends

“This place is AWESOME, I highly recommend my friends who are singers/songwriters to work with sound engineer (Devin). Very great service for Vrindavan! – Gauramani Devi Dasi

“Love your unique style of creating music!” – Malini Devi Dasi (The Kirtaniyas) 

“Devin, is one of the best sound engineers you will find, traveling from the land of “The entertainment industry” (California), He definitely knows his stuff! He has studied abroad to be able to bring the best possible sound to your music and he is an absolute pleasure to work with” – Nandu Lal Das Joshi (Vrindawood Studios Films/Vraj Activist) 

“Had a great time with NanduDevin and Balaram. Vrindawood studios is a very beautiful place, and inexpensive too to get your songs recorded. These guys are doing great for Sri Vrindaban dham. I recommend this place to everyone in my friend list!” – Ahem Brahasmi (Hip Hop artist)



4 thoughts on “Vrindawood Studios
  1. This is by far one of the most technologically advanced studios you can find in the area. I would highly recommend that you check them out, call or e-mail them, and You will realize they are all about putting the customer first! These guys will give you exactly what they promise; high quality work and will provide you with a start to your music career! Hare Krishna!

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  2. And Devin is by far one of the most talented creative artists I know. And this is not just promo bragging. This is for real! Thanks brother. Let’s get this baby going!

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    • Nandu my brother, this is a dream of mine that you have helped become a reality. Along with making this a business we are creating positive music to spread across the world! Haribol! Let’s rock it my brother!


  3. This looks amazing! I am so excited to hear the music that is coming out of Vrindawood studios. Hare Krishna!

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