The word that nobody wants to hear, but it is a part of the music industry. CONTRACTS.

We want you to get the money that you have earned by putting many hours into writing and creating your art of choice. At the same time, we also need to ensure we are paid. A studio cannot run without proper growth. This is not just a hobby (many seem to believe it is) but, this “hobby”, is a dream built from blood, sweat, tears and hours of studying. This is our dream, but also our very livelihood. 

Every artist recording at our studio MUST sign a contract for legal reasons. There is no way around this, and we will not accept you recording in our studio without signing this contract. Contracts are designed to protect both the studio and the artist from being unfairly cheated. There is is no such thing as “promise by mouth” in the music industry. We need to receive the money for the many hours spent on our hard earned work, and you deserve the rights to every track you produce with us. This will be discussed in further detail. Every industry has some form of contract written as protection for the two parties involved in business.

We do have payment plans which may be discussed on a personal basis.