Nandu Joshi is a local Vaishnava whom has studied the arts of Kirtan music (Worship music to lord Krishna using mantras). He has performed across India and has decided it’s time to start helping others also find their inner spirit in music. He is a long time local activist and supporter of the Vrindavan cows and is currently constructing an eco-village/school for children. He has grown up in the culture and knows better then anyone what sound we need at Vrindawood Studios.


Devin Lawrence grew up in southern California as a recording artist and entered in the music industry at a very young at due to his father being in the radio industry. He quickly picked up the Piano at age 5 and has been on a musical journey since. His interest in audio engineering came when he realized he wanted to help others find their own sound. Actually, he just really likes playing with knobs and buttons. He had found success as a solo artist traveling across southern California and Canada. He has major releases on several different electronic music labels and studies the processing of audio effects, recording and mixing. He continues his studies daily in the arts of writing and composing, recording and sound design. In early 2016, God called him to India. Leaving southern California in early 2016, he knew he wanted to do something with music for the country of India. Krishna aligned it so Nandu and Devin met one day and the two have been partners since. He is also an active cow activist.