Vrindawood Studios is a multi-media production company/recording studio based in Vrindavan, India. Founded in 2017 by Devin Lawrence and Nandu Joshi, Vrindawood Studios specializes in the recording of Kirtan music, but also works on projects based in other genres. 

Vrindawood Studios is nestled in a small forest behind the historic ISKCON temple. It features a full size vocal booth and separate instrument recording chamber. The studio is constructed of state of the art hardware/software recording applications and boasts a beautiful view of forests and temples from the instrument recording chamber. A truly beautiful atmosphere for the arts. Though being close to all of the city hustle, it is still surprisingly quiet and peaceful.

“We strive for the utmost quality of producing the sound, film, photography and music production for your every needs. We have the staff and ambitions to make your dreams as an artist come true! All based in the holy land of Vrindavan!

Hare Krishna!

-Nandu Joshi and Devin Lawrence-